Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Measuring Efficiency in IT with HP

In the article "How clean is your cloud?" we discussed how much green energy the "most famous" data center uses: the CEI (Clean Energy Index).

Thanks to PUE (Power usage effectiveness, an energy metric developed by a non-profit data center efficiency group: The Green Grid organization) we can know how much of that energy is really used by IT equipment and how much is "wasted" for cooling, lighting or other uses.  An ideal "1,0" PUE indicates a high efficient data center.

In a recent Press Release HP debuted with an architecture for a Net-Zero Energy Data Center that combines both.
In the HP solution power and cooling are largely generated from local renewable resources, helping to reduce the CEI; schedules, provisions power and cooling resources help to bring the PUE to the ideal 1,0 ratio.

The proposed solution enables organizations to cut total power usage by 30 percent, as well as dependence on grid power and costs by more than 80 percent.

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