Friday, 15 June 2012

Green is sexy

It's long, long time ago when the green movement was seen as a nerdy movement of a small minority of Birkenstock wearing "alternatives" (no offence here, I am wearing Birkenstocks as well). 

By today sustainability is mainstream, and I mean this in the best possible way!

With this development, sustainability is entering more and more aspects of our lives, e.g. did you ever think of a nightclub when you where pondering about sustainability?

We learned about a Dutch nightclub the other day. The Dutch might not know how to play football, but they sure have a unique sense of creativity. Check out this sustainable dance club!

Their sustainable dance floor is remarkable. The more people jump, dance, enjoy themselves, the more energy is created and can be reused (remember the BMW post a few days ago on a similar topic?).

By now the sustainable dance club initiative takes pride in developing sustainable concepts and solutions for clubs and festivals, aided by innovative technology. We feel they are onto something big as it makes young people think about their own impact on sustainabilty and in a playful way introduces the future decision makers of our world to this critical idea.

Check out their Vision and Mission here:
Sustainable Dance Club™ believes that having fun and taking responsibility for our world should go hand in hand. We do not believe that profit should be the only focus of a modern society.  We want to make the world a better place while having a good time and we want everyone to join us. Therefore SDC’s vision on sustainability reads:  People, Planet, Party!

To create personal experiences where sustainability and fun are combined. To inspire (young) people worldwide to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.’

With this knowledge, let's go out and dance sustainably (and on a final note, it might even happen that the Dutch team creates enough energy on the pitch to still make it to the EURO quarterfinals).

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