Sunday, 17 June 2012

On Sustainability and @Nike's Better World project

We love the Better World initiative by Nike. They have been focused on developing sustainable solutions at all points in their value chain, including all the material that goes into their shoes and their merchandise.

For example, they talk about "Considered Design:

"Considered Design is Nike's ongoing commitment to design without compromise – either to performance or the planet. It is a continually progressing standard, applied every day to everything we do.
As an ever-evolving standard for both innovation and sustainability, it's applied every day and to everything we do. By continually raising that standard, we envision a future where the shoes you wear today become the shoes, shirts or equipment you use tomorrow. This "closed loop" manufacturing process, where nothing is wasted and everything is kept in play, is not just wishful thinking, it's the future."

Or FlyKnit and Recycled Polyester.

NIKE Flyknit: NIKE debuts the NIKE Flyknit Racer and NIKE Flyknit Trainer, lightweight shoe. NIKE believes that to design for the future, we need to create products in a completely new way today.
Our innovation is in the NIKE Flyknit manufacturing process; NIKE uses only the materials needed to knit the upper of a shoe. Traditional footwear manufacturing processes use a number of materials and cuts.  NIKE Flyknit reduces waste using special yarns, knitted together to create one lightweight, formfitting upper.

Recycled Polyester: Utilizing recycled PET plastic bottles, NIKE designs superior performance apparel. Reclaimed, discarded plastic bottles are melted down to produce new yarn and converted into fabric to create NIKE’s high performance apparel.  This process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by an estimated 30% compared to manufacturing virgin polyester.

All said, Nike is another great firm that puts its money where it's mouth is, and delivers true impact and value for consumers and the broader sustainability movement.

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