Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Floating Windfarms. An innovative renewable solution

Fast Company recently covered a fascinating new design proposal in Malta -- the development of floating windfarms.

The article further states that:

To catch up quickly, Malta is considering a proposal by the Swedish company Hexiconto build the world’s largest floating wind farm. It would consist of 36 turbines arranged around a 460-meter-wide platform, tethered to the ocean floor by cables. The proposed site for the platform is 11 nautical miles off the island’s northeast shore. It would be far enough away to take advantage of high ocean winds (and be more or less out of sight) yet close enough that it could be connected to the country’s electricity grid without too much trouble.

This is incredibly interesting and would be a fascinating proof-of-concept for renewable energy.

It must be pointed out however, that while this design is purported to have a capacity for 54MW, that is still some distance off coal -- averaging around 700MW; or nuclear -- averaging around 850MW.

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  1. Would be interesting to see it compared to other land based wind farms.