Thursday, 14 June 2012

Solar Mosaic: the crow-founding project

Solar power has always got a lot of incentives (only for USA is sufficient to check the DSIRE to figure out how many are available).
Solar panels are not cheap so, even with the incentives, it is difficult for citizens and small companies to invest in this "new"technology.
Solar Mosaic, a company founded by a team of entrepreneurs, coders, finance experts and change-makers, wants to enable people to invest their own money into solar energy projects large and small.
It can look like a copy of Kickstarter (the most known crow-founding portal), but it is not! According to Solar Mosaic’s website, investors earn a return from each project’s eventual revenue — so it seems to be facilitating actual equity investing, not the donation model (due to some legal restriction) used by sites such as Kickstarter.
Thanks to the JOBS Act (signed into law on April 5, 2012) anyone is allowed to invest in private companies.
We think Solar Mosaic seems like a smart idea that comes at a smart time.
Moreover it has just been awarded a $2 million grant from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Sunshot Initiative.
So far the company has facilitated the crowd-funding for five projects in its beta mode, in which more than 400 people invested more than $350,000 in five rooftop power plants in California and Arizona. It plans to put its venture capital and grant money toward building out its platform for crowdfunding on a larger scale.

Source: TechCrunch

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