Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hasbro Sustainability: Since 2002

Having recently looked into NASCAR and it's ongoing efforts to spread EPA program awareness, I thought it might be helpful to see what other firms have adopted sustainable initiatives.

HASBRO has created it's own environmental programs, and has been doing so for quite sometime. Since 2002 Hasbro has been reporting environmental performance of it's US operations when it joined the EPA's Climate Leaders Program (now ceased) to reduce green house emissions. 

Which begs the question that is often asked when companies take on green initiatives; is it a trend?
I recall the BMW 750 HL Hydrogen vehicle early in 2002. Car enthusiast or not,  you could not help but wonder if this was a formidable step forward in a new age of car manufacturing adopting cleaner energy sources to power engines. Because after all, this was BMW, a major player. And it's influence many hoped would influence others.

The concept of modern renewable energy has existed since early 20th century (MIT Solar 1 House, 1939). But we haven't seen an adoption like it as we've seen in the last decade. Perhaps it's the forward leap in other emerging technologies that have pushed us to consider the way we use energy, or maybe companies are seeing the perceptual benefits and financial savings from advocating sustainability. How long until this is regarded a conscious step forward for us and not a trend? 

What we have seen is continual funding. 2010 was an specially important year for green technology, in which the "US $243 billion was invested in wind farms, solar power, electric cars, and other alternative technologies worldwide."And while much can be said about government subsidies and the Solyndra's of the world, we can always point to many other examples of successful green programs like those at Hasbro.

One thing that caught my interest about Hasbro is the specific goals they've set for their sustainability efforts; 

I really like the commitment major companies like Apple, Microsoft, NASCAR and Hasbro have pledged toward sustainability. We'll keep an eye out for others that are doing the same. 

*More detailed information about the Hasbro environmental sustainability program here

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