Sunday, 29 April 2012

Microgrids -- Bottom-Up Innovation

MIT released its latest issue of Technology Review earlier this week, featuring the 10 technologies to watch in 2012. One of our favorites was the Solar Microgrid.

Microgrids are a fantastic form of bottom-up innovation, allowing for faster implementation, and we're excited to see how it develops over the next two years.

As the article states,

Microgrids distribute electricity in a limited area from a relatively small generation point. While alternative solutions, such as individual solar-powered lanterns, can also provide light and charge phones, the advantage of a microgrid is that the installation cost can be spread across a village. The system can also use more efficient, larger-scale generation and storage systems, lowering operational costs.

We're also looking forward to the results of a larger scale Microgrid project being undertaken by Xiamen University in China.

Watch this space.

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