Saturday, 26 May 2012

Electrifying idea on electrification of trucks by Siemens

The 26th International Electrical Vehicle Symposium, held in Los Angeles from May 6th to May 9th, 2012 showcased new and innovative solutions to enable electrification of transport.
One idea we particularly liked dealt with electrification of truck transportation. While most new ideas focus on improving electrification for cars, trucks are often neglected. This is quite unfortunate as trucks are a serious contributor (roughly 29%) to CO2 emission related to transport.

Siemens, the German industry giant, is promoting a different approach to electrify trucks.
The concept introduced at the EVS in LA proposes a hybrid drive. This in itself is not new. However, instead of using a Diesel engine and a battery to save the energy generated, the trucks will get their electricity from overhead lines similar to the ones used for trams and trains.
As long as trucks are using streets equipped with overhead lines providing electricity, trucks are using electricity only. Once they leave the so-called e-Highways, the Diesel engine kicks in to generate electricity to keep the truck running on electricity.

Sounds like a promising idea. Unfortunately details such as how much such an infrastructure would cost and when it could be implemented are not available yet.

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